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    #StyleInspiration #KateMiddleton #OOTD

    #StyleInspiration #KateMiddleton #OOTD

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I’m a 26 year old young professional but a 21 year old at heart! I work in an International Company. I graduated Communication Arts from (Miriam College) an all girl’s Catholic school but my true passion is Interior Design. I’m an only child and have 2 dogs that I adore named Summer and Autumn and I treat them as they were my own babies.

I love reading books and I love writing. I am actually currently writing a book and I’ve been struggling to finish it for 2 years. I blog to pass time at work and to basically just document my life. (Sometimes interesting,sometimes not.)

My other interests include Traveling, Music, Fashion and Hollywood celebrities. I watch E! and TMZ on TV whenever I can. I also follow a couple of online Hollywood bloggers. After the Royal Wedding I also became fascinated with Kate Middleton or should I say, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I admire her fashion sense. She’s always so classy and elegant. I guess it comes with the title.

This is my blog. Everything posted here is either about me or what interests me. I hope it interests you too.

Thanks for the visit!

xxx Rissa

P.S. I also have a Twitter and YouTube account that you might wanna check out!


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